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Human Resources

Our HR Policy

Strong Energy believes that one of the main forces that lead it to success in the realization of company strategies and goals is its employees. With systems and practices that contribute to the development of employees; motivation and increase the productivity and service quality by providing job satisfaction.

Recruitment and Placement

Recruitment processes are carried out in order to bring together the most suitable candidates for the personnel needs and the qualifications of the position, in line with the company s objectives. In this direction, finding the right people for the open positions and recruiting the right people. placing it is one of its biggest goals.

Candidates applications for new employments are evaluated and candidates whose resumes are found suitable are interviewed by the relevant department managers. Candidates with a positive interview are offered a job.

Orientation Process

The personnel placed in the job at Strong Energy, the introduction of Occupational Health and Safety Training and other departments, company policies, organizational structure of the company, production-service subject and process, social rights and responsibilities are included in the ongoing orientation process with the explanation of the job conditions. This process is to reduce the labor turnover rate by ensuring that the new employee adapts to the job and the business.


Preparing and managing training/development plans that will contribute to the continuous development and corporate growth of Strong Energy forms the basis of the HR policy. With vocational training; increasing the competencies of employees In line with the needs of the company, experts are trained in each department.

Career Management

The purpose of career management; To increase the experience, knowledge and skills of the employees in the roles they undertake, to evaluate and guide them correctly.

In line with the Performance Evaluation and Development results; Different career opportunities are offered with applications such as promotion, transfer and job change according to their distinctive behaviors and successful results.

Social Activities

Strong Energy organizes social, cultural and educational activities in order to provide an environment for effective communication and teamwork among employees, and creates the awareness that it is a big family.

Internship Opportunities

Summer internship opportunity is given to 2nd, 3rd and 4th year students, preferably studying in the Department of Materials Science and Metallurgical Engineering, who are within the scope of compulsory internship of universities.


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